About Us

UPSersFounded in 1907 in the United States as a courier company, UPS has become a multilateral company, clearly focused on the purpose of facilitating global commerce. Today UPS is a worldwide company with one of the world’s most recognized and admiral brands.

We have become the world’s leading supplier of packages in the world and the world’s leading provider of special transport and residential services. Every day we control the flow of goods, money and information in more than 200 countries and territories throughout the world.

About UPSers

From the smallest box to the largest pallet, we help you bring the important items to where they are needed when you need them.

No matter how many times, whether once a year or a day, we offer services tailored to your shipping conditions.

UPS is known for solving problems related to shipping.

There are more than 434,000 UPSers that can prepare our sleeves and help your business grow by solving your most serious problems.

By discovering it we are here to help you.


Services and technologies to manage your delivery process – from individuals to businesses, from local to global.


Individual control and management solutions, complex global supply chains and all interim solutions.


View your UPS bills online and manage them with additional features to improve your process.

International Trade

Services, resources and technologies that support your products during customs clearance are growing faster.

Contract Logistics

Experience and infrastructure to optimize your supply chain, from global delivery to temporary management.


Find shipping services and technology tools to improve your online store or to create a new one.