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Here is the UPSers help desk to answer some of the most Frequent Asked Questions about the services.

FAQs about UPSers

Here are the answers to the most asked questions about UPSers delivery, login, tracking and shipping.


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Tracking the parcel.

I tried tracking the package I shipped but it shows ‘no information’/’invalid number’.

  • When the sender gets the parcel it generates a parcel code which will be given to the consumer to track the parcel, when it shows ‘no information available’ or ‘invalid number’ that is because even UPSers will not have any information about the parcel. In that case contact the authorities.

My package status shows it is ‘in transit’ but hasn’t shown any updates in days, what should I do?

  • In such cases, you have to wait for the parcel to arrive as it is scheduled to be since the parcel is still within the UPS networks but you can tap here

My package is showing out for delivery, when will I receive it?

  • Sometimes the drivers can make it as late as 8 p.m. and even later if it is a holiday season, if it is showing out for delivery and the package is not delivered yet than it will be delivered the next business day.


Some of the most asked questions and answers about shipping the parcel.

What would it cost me to ship my parcel?

  • The cost of shipping the parcel depends on the origin of the parcel, the size and where it is going to get delivered.

How many days will my parcel take to arrive at its location?

  • You can calculate the time it will take to reach the location, price it will cost and all the details you need to know about your parcel by clicking here.

Can dangerous goods be parceled and what are the procedures of it?

  • Yes, dangerous goods can be parceled according to the UPSers safety guidelines, to click on the procedures and guidelines to parcel the hazardous products.

Why wasn’t my parcel delivered within 3 days as shown?

  • Please note that within 3 days means 3 business days not 3 days from pickup. UPS ( united parcel services ) only works on business days.

How to void the shipment?

Follow these steps to void your shipment.

  • Log into from your browser or Google Chrome.
  • Select Shipping on the top of the home page.
  • Under Existing Shipments, click on Void Shipment.
  • Select the package that you want to void.
  • Tap on Void Shipment.

To get your shipment void to follow these steps and get it done.

The above-mentioned FAQs are as answered in the UPSers help desk for the troubleshooting of the most frequent queries consumers have about UPSers.

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