Does UPSers Deliver on Saturday?

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The UPSers is for the questions and queries that are quite frequent in a consumer’s mind. UPS( united parcel services ) is the largest delivery services across the world delivering over 15 million parcels to over 7 million consumers every day. The below mentioned are some answers to the consumer’s most frequently asked questions.

About UPSers delivery on Saturday


The following are the Frequently asked questions and answers to them about UPSers delivery system.

Does UPS (united parcel service) deliver the parcel on saturdays?

  • The services do deliver parcels on saturdays and UPS is open on saturdays with the following services working to deliver the parcels –
  1. UPS delivers UPS Worldwide Express 
  2. UPS Next Day Air
  3. UPS 2nd Day Air
  4. UPS Ground
  5. UPS 3 Day Select packages on Saturdays.

The above-mentioned services are undertaken by UPSers to provide with parcels on every day.

For Air-packages.

  • Air-packages getting delivered on Saturdays might cost a little extra for the consumers wanting their product to be delivered on a Saturday. If the shipper sends a UPS second day air package on Thursday then it must be specified that the package should be delivered by Saturday or else it will be delayed to Monday or the following week.

UPS 3 Day Select package

  • These services don’t require any additional cost, the products will get delivered on Saturdays itself.

Is UPS open on Saturdays?

  • Yes, UPS ( United parcel services ) is open on Saturdays. Most frequently asked question is If UPS works on Saturdays? and the answer is, yes it does and Saturdays are just like other weekdays for UPSers because most of the stores are open and pick-up and delivery services are also working on Saturdays.

Note : There a few UPSers services that work only in U.S.A. such as UPS ( united parcel services ) shipment returns .

The above mentioned are the Frequently asked questions about UPS working on Saturdays and UPS help desk about a certain questions.

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